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Tamer Sherief

I initially met with Mr Sherief in 2016 as I was suffering from constant sciatic type pain and was referred to him through my GP.  From our first meeting Mr Sherief took time to listen to me and examined  me thoroughly.   He arranged for an MRI scan to take place and once that was done, which was very prompt, he was able to specifically explain and show me the problem after which he was able to explain what was giving me the pain and how that may manifest itself as time went on and then the possible options I had.  These options were always my choice to make, initially I opted for a lumbar injection which did improve things for while, but after a period of time the pain came back.  After another consultation and scan I opted to have a decompression and discectomy procedure.   Mr Sherief made sure I knew all of the risks and possible outcomes and there was never any pressure on me to have the operation.  I was assured that I could contact him at any time to discuss any further questions I may have had prior to the procedure date.   I always felt confident in his abilities and experience and although for me it was obviously a massive undertaking I felt that for him it was something he was more than capable of completing successfully and his manner reassured me of that at all of our meetings and I always felt he was looking after me in a really personal way.  The preoperative information I received was prompt and easily understood and I felt looked after on the days leading up to the procedure. The operation itself was a success and the aftercare I received for the couple of days I was in Pinehill Hospital was first class, all the nursing staff were very helpful and attentive and had time for a chat when they could.

It is now seven weeks since I had my operation for spinal decompression performed by Mr Sherief at Pinehill Hospital in Hitchin. This is my third operation on my spine with a discectomy in 2004 and spinal fusion in 2005. I was getting progressive numbness in my legs, pins and needles as well as pain in legs and back which was all getting progressively worse. From Victoria Station to where I worked takes about 12 minutes, it was getting to the point where sometimes I just had to stop to rest to continue the journey. I was very nervous about the operation but had no choice but to go ahead. My original consultant passed me on to Mr Sherief who patiently explained the delicate operation. I must admit being somewhat anxious about the operation but was so pleased to wake up in recovery! The operation took almost seven hours and despite the complexity was a complete success. I can not explain the relief I feel now when I can get out of the house and go for a 45 minute walk. This operation for me is a life changer although I think bungee jumping may be out of the question.  I can not thank Mr Sherief enough for the way he dealt with me before, during (not that I can remember anything about that!) and after the procedure.  And of course, I have to say a huge thank you to Hannah, Mr Sherief's PA, who was excellent in answering all my calls and emails - even when I was in a panic on the day I was admitted to Pinehill! Absolutely awesome!

It is two years today since I had back surgery at Pinehill Hospital under the care of Mr Sherief.  I have spent the day bird watching in the Cairngorms. Before the surgery I could not have even contemplated being able to make this trip let alone fully engage with all the activities. Before the surgery I was very anxious about the process, risks and post-operative pain. Mr Sherief was incredibly patient and understanding and said I could have the surgery when I felt desperate enough. When that day came I called Hannah, Mr Sherief's secretary, who was very kind with a rather tearful ‘desperate’ woman.  None of the process was as bad as I had feared and staff in the hospital were kind and attentive. I did have a difficulty with managing some nerve pain after leaving the hospital but this was relieved by different medication and recovery got into full swing.  From being a person who had to plan each day to make sure I didn’t walk the dog, go shopping and do batch cooking all on the same day my life has been transformed. I walk the recommended 10,000 steps most days, I have been to India, Hungary and Mexico on wildlife trips and can even walk uphill without excruciating pain, although I am still puffed!    Thank you to Mr Sherief and the team at The Hertfordshire Orthopaedic Centre.

Nick de Roeck

Having been a physiotherapist for over 40 years I have met many orthopaedic surgeons in my time.  I was impressed by Mr de Roeck from our first meeting.  He is quietly spoken, answered all my questions but did not over explain and scare my husband with unnecessary details about the operation.  He gave me confidence to agree to the surgery.  The operation has been a stunning success much better than I could ever have hoped.  Inside 30 days I was walking without a stick indoors and have not experienced any pain necessitating analgesia since day five.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mr de Roeck to others and I am very grateful to him for changing my life. 

Exactly eight weeks after my operation, I just wanted to thank you so very much for putting your skills and wondrous expertise into play when giving me my brand new shiny knee. I cannot begin to tell you the difference it has made to me. There is not an hour or second that goes by when I don't marvel at the miracle of modern surgery personified in my new knee. Daily I am amazed and delighted that I can now walk soundly and bend it to the same degree as the other one. Wonderful, terrific and magical stuff.

It needs a temple building in its honour: several countries named after it, (talking of which, I have called it ‘Nick’ after you) and a few Public Holidays declared to acknowledge its total awesomeness.

It has taken the combined efforts of Jamie Scanlon. Pinehill's fantastic Physio. and Sarah. my Shiatsu and Qui Gong Practitioner to put my muscles and body back in balance again, but the job is well under way and I am back doing all the things which fill my life with joy.

I enclose a photo of the (equine) love of my life, so that you can see what you have enabled us to do once again, and this time, pain free. Actually, this photo was taken a few days before I first met you. It will be a few weeks yet until Harry’s muscles will be strong enough for us to resume speeding around the countryside as he has been off work as long as I have. Meanwhile we are content to potter gently on the roads until he is fitter and the weather and mud, dries up.  It is extraordinary and so are you. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me.

Mr de Roeck carried out my hip replacement at Pinehill Hospital nine days ago. What can I say, he was so professional and kind as were all the hospital staff from my initial consultation to discharge from hospital. Mr de Roeck made me feel at ease, I am now at home recovering nicely and have hardly any pain. Thank you very much Mr de Roeck, I am looking forward to getting back to normal after so many years of pain!

Thank you so very much for your skill, reassurance and very neat stitching after my recent hip replacement.  My hospital stay at the One Hatfield Hospital was positive and good in every way.  I feel my recovery is also very good.

Stephen Tai

In the last four months, I have had two total hip replacements carried out by Mr Tai.  I cannot praise Mr Tai and his team enough for the wonderful care I received on both occassions.  Absolutely faultless, never felt so satisfied and would recommend Mr Tai always.  Many, many thanks. 

Mr Tai was very careful on my behalf. Whilst I was in hospital he visited more than once, and over the weekend, after my hip replacement, and was very reassuring with his observations and comments. I am now pain free and regaining my mobility, and my life is altogether better. Thank you!

I had my hip replaced by Mr Tai at the end of March 2017 and the whole care experience was second to none. The advice, encouragement and motivation from Mr Tai and his team has enabled me to make a rapid, safe and full recovery and a return to undertaking simple tasks without any pain. Thank you so much for improving the quality of life for me my and my family.

I saw Mr Tai in January 2017 with pain in my left hip. Mr Tai was very thorough and very professional and having examined me and my X-Rays, injected me into the hip joint. I was very nervous about having this done as I have had injections into my shoulder before and know how painful they can be. Fortunately I felt nothing with this injection and can only put it down to Mr Tai's expertise. I am very happy to report that I have been pain-free since the visit. Thank you for all your assistance.

Phil Kerr

I have struggled with a dodgy knee for twelve years.  I went to see Mr Kerr and he operated giving me a partial knee replacement.  I have read so many different opinions on this operation.  Mr Kerr is utterly professional, caring, accommodating, kind and an incredible surgeon.  I had absoulte faith in him.  My new knee is a miracle.  This operation does have pain, but like childbirth, is soon forgotten.  After two months it was if I had never had a bad knee.  I am 71 and this has given me a new lease of life.  I am racing around.  No more limping and no more pain.  Thank you Mr Kerr and Pinehill Hospital.  

In the midst of all this uncertainty with the COVID pandemic I decided to show you one of your happy successes - me!

You gave me a left total knee replacement last November and at my first physio appointment Jessica asked what I wanted my target to be.  I had already decided that I wouldn't return to badminton (perhaps that's just as well, since I'd still be waiting) and I replied that I would love to do my favourite walk up to the folly at Wimpole Hall easily and without pain.  

Then in February came my 'vulnerable' 70th birthday - thanks Boris - and the subsequent closure of the National Trust properties. 

So this week Wimpole Hall re-opened and I achieved my target.  I was overjoyed, shed a few tears and pushed the boat out with a celebratory picnic sausage roll and honey gin!

I just think you deserve a big thank you and to tell you that having my new knee has enhanced the quality of my life and made my daily exercise pleasurable again instead of a painful struggle.  I'm also zooming my regular twice-weekly Pilates classes - who'd have thought?!

So I'm not washing my hands to "Happy Birthday" but to 20 seconds of "Rocket Man" because I'm pretty sure that was playing when I was wheeled into theatre on 6th November!

I am writing to thank you and the team for the excellent treatment and care which I received when I had my hip replacement operation in July 2017.  As someone who has never undergone major surgery before, any concerns which I have entertained before the operation were certainly put to rest during my stay in the hospital, and post-operatively, for which I am very grateful indeed.  With many thanks and kind regards.

What can I say, thank you is not enough. You have returned my life back to me.  I feel I can once again enjoy all the things I once did – after being missing for so long.  Thank you to  your secretary, Julia, for being so super efficient.  Please pass my thanks onto her.  With best wishes.

I wanted to write to thank you for your efforts on my behalf recently and in 2013.  As a result of my two hip replacements I have a much wider range of movement and can walk much more easily and quickly.  I have also so much more energy that I hardly know what to do with it.   Thank you once again.

I can highly recommend Mr Kerr. I originally injured my hip mounting a large horse in 2012. I was referred to Mr Kerr at Pinehill Hospital and have since had three operations on my hip and knee. Mr Kerr is always professional, explains things well and nothing is too much trouble. I liked the fact that before resorting to surgery he referred me the physiotherapy department at Pinehill where they tried acupuncture, shockwave, sports massage, ultrasound, etc. I was nervous about having a operation but Mr Kerr put me at ease and I sailed through the surgeries and recovery with no complications and after more physiotherapy was over the moon to be able to ride my horse again. I highly recommend Mr Kerr and all the staff at Pinehill Hospital.

Minhal Chatoo

This is a small thank you for your very kind assistance regarding my daughter and the surgery she required for her broken leg.  We are so extremely grateful to you for flagging up her care with Mr Chatoo and then getting back to us.  We believe that it did make all the difference in her care which subsequently determined whether I was still able to embark on my month long expedition to Antarctica, which I did!  My daughter is recovering well and now having physiotherapy at Pinehill Hospital.  So once again we are so utterly appreciative of your ‘always’ professional and caring manner, which made the world of difference to us, especially after the trauma of getting her home following her injury.  All good wishes.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your expertise on my knee.  I feel so fortunate that I chose you to do my op and that I was able to have it done in the lovely Pinehill Hospital.  I wish you all the very best of the seasons greetings and hope you have some quality time with your family.  I look forward to seeing you in the New Year and showing off your handiwork!  With kind regards from a most grateful patient (now feeling much more youthful).

Thank you and all your team for my operation and the kindness and consideration given.  Also thank you to your secretary for her kindness, help and efficiency when to speaking to her on the telephone.

I just wanted to let you know of my progressince you operation on my knee last July.  I understand it was a relatively complex injury and you were always very honest about the expected areas of difficulty I would face in the future.   I returned to swimming in January, after I last saw you.  Before that I had just 'paddled'.  I spent a huge amount of time re-learing tumble turns and built up slowly.  I also took the decision to turn my hand to open water swimming, where there are no turns and I could swim uninterrupted and pain free for miles!  I have since gone on to achieve the following:

In June I won the Eastern Region Masters 2km title, a week later I was the second fastest female at the Great East Swim.  Then in July I surprised a lot of people, including myself, by winning the National Open Water Masters 3km title.   Following this, I have secured a kit sponsorship with major triathlon company HUUB.  I am currently ambassador for he Great Swim Series next year.  I have also been approached by a national open water magazine, who have followed my progress in my blogs and written an article for them.

I currently train approx. 25-30km a week in 6-8 sessions, between pool and lake.  I continue to work with my physiotherapist, Sharon, and we are currently working on further developing leg strength (still!), which should enable me to improve my pool work.

It has been very tough times, but by adapting my swimming to lakes and, whenever possible, swimming in a 50m pool, I can minimise the turns I do and focus on speed and fitness.  I am so grateful for your help and skill last year, as well as your reassurance and honesty throughout.  Many, many thanks.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you.  I can't begin to express to you how important this surgery was for me. 

I am looking forward to making a full recovery , being able to work again, and planning our wedding next year.  With many thanks and best wishes.

Harpal Uppal

I had a total shoulder joint replacement operation on 21st November 2018 carried out by Mr Uppal. From the initial consultation with him during August, which included x-rays and scans, he determined and explained in full the extent of the surgery I required on the follow up appointment a few days later.

I accepted the offer of treatment and Mr Uppal's team made the arrangements to fix a date for the operation. Mr Uppal explained the preparation requirements for him and his team to carry out the operation.

Mr Uppal was extremely helpful with any questions and concerns that I had pre and post operation. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who requires the same or similar surgery. My recovery and subsequent physiotherapy is going well and the pain I was suffering prior to the operation has gone.

Many thanks to Mr Uppal and his team.

Thank you so much for all you have done with my left hand.  As a musician it is vital to get my dexterity back and this is indeed happening, praise God!  The first time I blew three notes on my sax I cried with thanksgiving.  Be encouraged to know that you are gifted and skilled.  My hands/mind is restored not just physical well-being but emotional healing too.

I just wanted to say many thanks for fixing my wrist.  I have now returned to work and have 100% used of it.  Many thanks again.

I am writing to let you know that my dad has decided not to go ahead with the shoulder surgery.

We are extremely grateful for your advice and help when you saw him. He has had a bad winter and general mobility has deteriorated a lot to the extent that his shoulder is one of many problems and he is worried about the risk especially now diagnosed with osteoporosis and unable to walk without a frame for very short distances. I am sure he would not cope with the recovery phase. You did mention that a second option to try a steroid injection in his right shoulder. Which we would like to go ahead with.

I would like to say how impressed we were with your excellent communication style. Thank you so much.