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Dear Mr. De Roeck,
Exactly 8 weeks after the operation, I just wanted to thank you so very much for putting your skills and wonderous expertise into play when giving me my brand new shiny knee. I cannot begin to tell you the difference it has made to me. There is not an hour or second that goes by when I don't marvel at the miracle of modern surgery personified in my new knee. Daily I am amazed and delighted that I can now walk soundly and bend it to the same degree as the other one. Wonderful, terrific and magical stuff.

It needs a temple building in its honour: Several countries named it, {talking of which, I have called it ‘Nick’ after you) and a few Public Holidays declared to acknowledge its total awesomeness.

It has taken the combined efforts of Jamie Scanlon. Pinehill's fantastic Physio. and Sarah. my Shiatsu and Qui Gong Practitioner to put my muscles and body back in balance again, but the job is well under way and I am back doing all the things which fill my life with joy.

I enclose a photo of the {equine} love of my life, so that you can see what you have enabled us to do once again, and this time, pain free. Actually, this photo was taken a few days before I first met you. It will be a few weeks yet until Harry’s muscles will be strong enough for us to resume speeding around the countryside as he has been off work as long as I have. Meanwhile we are content to potter gently on the roads until he is fitter and the weather and mud, dries up.

It is extraordinary and so are you. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me.

Kind regards, H. S.

Mr Tai was very careful on my behalf. Whilst I was in hospital he visited more than once, and over the weekend, after my hip replacement, and was very reassuring with his observations and comments. I am now pain free and regaining my mobility, and my life is altogether better. Thank you!

I had my hip replaced by Mr Tai at the end of March 2017 and the whole care experience was second to none. The advice, encouragement and motivation from Mr Tai and his team has enabled me to make a rapid, safe and full recovery and a return to undertaking simple tasks without any pain. Thank you so much for improving the quality of life for me my and my family.

I saw Mr Tai in January 2017 with pain in my left hip. Mr Tai was very thorough and very professional and having examined me and my X-Rays, injected me into the hip joint. I was very nervous about having this done as I have had injections into my shoulder before and know how painful they can be. Fortunately I felt nothing with this injection and can only put it down to Mr Tai's expertise. I am very happy to report that I have been pain-free since the visit. Thank you for all your assistance.

I cannot praise Mr Rumian highly enough. He was caring and sympathetic. I had a spur on my shoulder which he successfully diagnosed an operated on. A few days before the surgery I was almost totally incapacitated. Within 48 hours I had a range of movement that I had not had in months and now three weeks after surgery I almost have full range of movement back. Above all else the pain has almost gone. This man is a genius!!!

Mr Rumian did ORIF of my elbow a year ago, but I have some irritation in the fixation although my fracture was healed very well and I was very happy with the movement.  Due to some irritation I wanted my internal fixation removed.  I was very scared before my operation because I had been told that there were some risk of nerve damage.  I am really very thankful to Mr Rumian that everything went well and I got my hand back almost same as before.

My experiences at the Pinehill Hospital for consultations with Mr Rumian, physiotherapy and as an in patient have been exceptional. The care and communication from ALL the people involved in my case has to date been brilliant and I have, without exception, been made to feel comfortable and at ease and I have been well looked after.

I received an excellent service from Mr  Rumian. Friendly, professional and considerate in his work and manner. He listened and took time to understand my views and concerns. I felt very assured by his knowledge and expertise.

Dear Mr Kerr, I am writing to thank you and the team for the excellent treatment and care which I received when I had my hip replacement operation in July 2017.  As someone who has never undergone major surgery before, any concerns which I have entertained before the operation were certainly put to rest during my stay in the hospital, and post-operatively, for which I am very grateful indeed.  With Kind regards.

Dear Mr Kerr, What can I say, thank you isn’t enough. You have returned my life back to me.  I feel I can once again I can enjoy all the things I once did – after being missing for so long.  Thank you to  your secretary, Julia, for being so super efficient.  Please pass my thanks onto her.  With best wishes.

Dear Mr Kerr, I wanted to write to thank you for your efforts on my behalf recently and in 2013.  As a result of my two hip replacements I have a much wider range of movement and can walk much more easily and quickly.  I have also so much more energy that I hardly know what to do with it.   Thank you once again. 

This is a small thank you for your very kind assistance regarding my daughter and the surgery she required for her broken leg.  We are so extremely grateful to you for flagging up her care with Mr Chatoo and then getting back to us.  We believe that it did make all the difference in her care which subsequently determined whether I was still able to embark on my month long expedition to Antarctica, which I did!  My daughter is recovering well and now having physiotherapy at Pinehill Hospital.  So once again we are so utterly appreciative of your ‘always’ professional and caring manner, which made the world of difference to us, especially after the trauma of getting her home following her injury.  All good wishes. 

I just wanted to say thank you for all you help in getting things organised for my mum and ultimately arranging for her to be seen by Mr Sherief.  It was such a relief to talk to someone who listened, understood and then helped.  Many thanks.