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iWantGreatCare’s Certificates of Excellence 2018 are awarded to leading clinicians, surgeries and hospitals across the UK.

Whilst some people review their hotels and holidays on TripAdvisor, millions of patients have chosen to review their healthcare. In fact, iWantGreatCare now shares over 5 million reviews making it the largest independent source of patient feedback in the world. iWantGreatCare is awarding Certificates of Excellence 2018 to those clinicians who are most highly and consistently recommended by their patients.

Certificates of Excellence have been awarded to the best clinicians across the country from Aberdeen to Torquay, and across all types of healthcare including specialists, GP’s, nurses, hospices and community and mental health teams.

We are proud to say that Mr Stephen Tai, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, has been awarded this Certificate of Excellence.

Mr Tai said: "I love getting feedback from patients and am delighted that my consistent reviews have been recognised. I really value the fact that iWantGreatCare gives all my patients the opportunity to feedback anonymously. I pride myself on delivering great care and my priority is making sure that patients feel comfortable, at ease and that they understand everything that I am saying. iWantGreatCare is a unique way of understanding what patients really think about the treatment and care they receive. It gives all clinicians and healthcare providers the chance to listen to what patients are telling them and see how they can continue to improve.”

Orthopaedics is the branch of surgery which specialises in conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Mr Tai is a trauma and orthopaedics specialist, with particular experience in hip and knee surgery as well as traumatic injuries.

Certificates of Excellence are awarded to those who have consistently received fabulous feedback from their patients. Mr Tai’s top ratings confirm a five-star patient experience.