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Mr Nick de Roeck has been a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon for eleven years, practicing at One Hatfield Hospital and Pinehill Hospital in Hitchin as part of the Hertfordshire Orthopaedic Centre. His NHS practice is at East & North Herts NHS Trust. In his elective practice he undertakes hip and knee surgery, particularly specialising in primary and revision hip replacement surgery. Nick de Roeck has developed his practice to include the treatment of sports hip problems, such as femoro-acetabular impingement and offers keyhole hip surgery, which is not readily available locally.


Hip problems occurring in younger active adults have not been well understood or treated in the past. It has been increasingly recognised that some young adults have a mismatch between the shape of the hip ball and socket. This mismatch can lead to the development hip or groin pain and is then called femoro-acetabular impingement.   Over time this mismatch can lead to damage occurring to the cartilage lining the hip socket or the cartilage surrounding the socket, called the labrum. In some cases this leads to the premature development of osteoarthritis.
Modern arthroscopic or keyhole techniques have been developed to allow treatment of certain hip problems, particularly femoro-acetabular impingement.


The surgery is carried out through two or three small incisions the width of a straw tip, through which an arthroscope and instruments are inserted. This allows the surgeon to inspect the joint and locate the source of pain. In femoro-acetabular impingement the abnormal bony prominence can be identified and removed. 


Please call to make an appointment with Nick de Roeck at One Hatfield Hospital on 01707 443472 or Pinehill Hospital on 01462 452888.