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Stephen Tai is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises treating hip and knee problems. Mr Tai also has an interest in managing traumatic injuries, such as fractures. His operative expertise includes adult hip replacement and revision hip replacement, knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, and treatment of fractures. He consults privately at Pinehill Hospital in Hitchin and One Hatfield Hospital. Mr Tai’s NHS practice is based at East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.  


Undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery can, understandably, be a daunting prospect. One way of helping to deal with the anxiety surrounding forthcoming joint replacement surgery is to prepare one’s self, both physically and mentally.   Mr Tai encourages all patients who undergo joint replacement surgery to embrace the principle of “Enhanced Recovery” - a multi-modal programme that has been proven to reduce length of hospital stay, reduce some of the complications associated with the surgery, and improve patient satisfaction following joint replacement surgery.


There are various techniques that Mr Tai and his medical team can employ to assist with enhanced recovery, such as limiting the size of the surgical incision and reducing intra-operative blood loss, using the latest anaesthetic techniques to improve post-operative pain relief, and providing a structured approach to post-operative care.  


However, a hugely important component of the Enhanced Recovery Programme is the engagement of patients in their own care. Ahead of your operation, patients are encouraged to attend a “Joint School”, where you will have the opportunity to meet members of the team who will be caring for you. You will also be provided with an explanation on what to expect from your hospital stay and possibly given the opportunity to practice with crutches or frames! The aim of this is to help reduce anxiety ahead of your surgery and to motivate your post-operative recovery.      After your operation, small touches such as sitting out of bed for meal times and dressing in your own clothes can make the world of difference, and help you feel a little more normal.  



If undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery, Mr Tai stresses the importance of engaging yourself in your own care and recovery. Believe in the Enhanced Recovery Programme, because it really does work and improves overall satisfaction regarding your experience and treatment: a well prepared patient is usually a well rehabilitated patient!  


If you wish to discuss your hip or knee problems with Stephen Tai please call to make an appointment with him at One Hatfield Hospital on 01707 443472 or Pinehill Hospital on 01462 452888.