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The scapholunate ligament is situated between the two bones in the wrist (scaphoid and the lunate). These bones should normally move together as they are joined by this ligament. When the ligament is damaged they do not. The purpose of this procedure is to try and reconstitute the ligament. If this is not performed there is a possibility of developing arthritis in the wrist.

This procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic.  An incision is made over the back of the wrist and the two bones identified. Two small incisions are made on the front of the wrist and through one we take half of the tendon used to reconstitute the ligament, which is then passed through a drill-hole made through the scaphoid bone. The ligament is then taken up through the scaphoid bone and fixed onto the lunate bone to try and reconstitute the ligament. The two bones are wired in place.


After Surgery

After surgery the wrist needs to be in a cast for six to eight weeks at which stage the wires are removed.  A removable wrist splint is then used for the next 4 weeks.  You will be followed up at six weeks in clinic by your surgeon.

Your surgeon will refer you to a physiotherapist and exercises are performed to strengthen the wrist and rebuild your strength.