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Wrist ligament reconstruction surgery aims to correct damage to the wrist ligaments.   This procedure involves making an incision over the wrist joint and locating the torn ligament. Once this is done, a tendon graft is used to replace the ligaments that have been torn. The tendon graft is usually borrowed from the palmarislongus tendon of the same wrist. This tendon does not do much and is commonly used as a tendon graft for surgical procedures around the hand and wrist. The tendon is removed from the underside of the wrist through one or two small incisions.  Metal pins are used to hold the bones stationary while the tendon graft heals. The surgical incisions are closed and dressing is applied. 


After Surgery

Your surgeon will place a cast or a splint that immobilises the wrist until it is healed completely.  The operated wrist should be elevated to prevent excessive swelling and pain. Ice wrapped in a cloth can be applied over the operated area which helps to reduce swelling.  You will be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection and medications to reduce pain.  Always remember to keep the operated area clean and dry to prevent infection. 

The pins are usually removed six to eight weeks after the surgery and you will be followed up at six weeks in clinic by your surgeon.

Physiotherapy can make the difference in a successful result after surgery and your surgeon will refer you for this. Exercises are performed to strengthen the wrist and rebuild your strength.