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In this procedure, the cyst, stalk, and any bone spurs on the DIP joint are removed. If the skin on the finger is too closely attached to the cyst, a bit of the skin may need to be removed from the finger. If that is the case, a small skin graft is added to the spot. Surgery can usually be performed using regional anaesthesia (local anaesthetic), meaning only the finger is numbed with Lignocaine.  The wound was closed with fine sutures.

After Surgery

If you have surgery to remove a mucous cyst and a skin graft is used, you will wear a cast or splint for two weeks. Otherwise, the fingers can be moved sooner. You will be shown specific exercises to help you regain full motion in the finger. Exercises should be continued until you can move the finger normally without pain. The sutures will be removed by the outpatient nurses 10 days post operation.